Don't let her appearance fool you, Ferena is a mighty power in her own right.  Gain her favor, and your power will grow. 

Ferena Brooslayer


Chain Event

Previous Meeting the Contestants
Next Dragon Attack

Event Dialogue

Accompanied by his clan ring, <King> proceeds to the Hidden Temple of Maran Gor, the goddess of earthquakes and the destroying earth. He requests an audience with its high priestess, Ferena Brooslayer. The terrifying earth crone waddles from her high seat and looks <King> in the eye. "The Horse-Spawn have had a rebellion, and now revere earth above the sun, so I have agreed to act as the gatekeeper of tests, instead of seeking to destroy them. But how do I know that you are worthy to learn of the tests? Perhaps you are weak or unwise, and would be better off retiring to your tula to herd sheep."

  1. Gift her.
  2. Give her a treasure.
  3. Give up on the quest.
  4. Remind her of your good relations with the Hidden Temple.
  5. Scold her for confusing kings with shepherds.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Reminding her of your good relations with the Hidden Temple is a great choice, but only if do in fact have good relations with the followers of Maran Gor.  Learning one of her blessings, or building a shrine to Maran Gor are good ways to befriend them.  Possession of the Sacred Clod is pretty much a guarantee for good relations as well.
  • It may surprise you, but scolding her is a fine choice. She may tell you of the tests, or allow you to pick something else.
  • The priestess will be most pleased by thralls as a gift for sacrifice to her goddess. However, she will settle for cows or goods. Offering a small amount might require another choice.
  • Giving her a valuable treasure might sway her in your favor, but it's not guaranteed. You might need to combine it with another option.
  • Giving up the quest is the easiest choice as you essentially bow out of the contest.  However, this prevents you from getting the good ending.

Once she has accepted you as a good candidate, she will tell you of the challenges that lie ahead. You will have to tame a dragon, win the favor of the Brass Man, and mate with the mountain to win Kero Fin's blessing.

The next event in the chain is Dragon Attack

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