Orlanthi clans don't always get along... Every so often, a clan may declare a feud with yours.

Mad Chieftains Clan

The clan known for their mad chieftains may declare war for no apparent reason, even if they previously liked you:

The chieftain of the <A clan>, <X>, stomped onto the tula, shouting and swinging his sword. When he and his warriors reached the clan hall, he said that he was sick of seeing us in dreams at night, and in visions during the day. "I must obliterate your smirking faces so I can sleep again!" We were speechless. <X> continued, "Gather your arms, for I declare this a feud!" And his company marched away. We waited a minute, then, once one started laughing, the rest did too ~ we gruffawed so hard that half of us fell on the floor. When we recovered, <Clan Warleader> said, "We can hope that their weaponthanes swing their swords as poorly as <X>. But I will take care not to underestimate their threat."

King of Dragon Pass

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