Fighting the Chaos


Random Event

Requires Shrine/Temple to Urox

When Chaos spreads through the land, it is the duty of all good Orlanthi to halt its spread.

Event dialogue

<X> comes to petition your priests of Urox for aid.  He is from the <Clan Name> clan, their tula has recently been overrun by skeletal harpies, broos, gigantic two-headed snails, and other creatures of Chaos.  His people are willing to fight the creatures, but they want Storm Bull priests to bless their efforts, so that the chaos will not come back once they kill all the monsters.  <X> offers you twenty-five cows if you perform this ritual for his clan.
  1. Accept his offer.
  2. Ask for higher compensation.
  3. Perform the ritual, asking nothing in return.
  4. Refuse them.

Note: If you're currently feuding with the clan asking for aid, another choice appears, saying you will perform the ritual in exchange for an end to the feud.


  • If you accept the clan's offer, your relations with the clan improve.
  • If you ask nothing in return, you will show generosity, and if it fails, you will not be blamed. 
  • Refusing them worsens relations, and can increase the influence of Chaos on your own tula
  • If you are in a feud, this can be a quick, and relatively cheap way to end hostilities.


  • The 'skeletal harpies' are actually hoons.
  • The giant snail is more properly known as a dragonsnail.

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