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Random Event

A flood can be one of the most devastating events to hit your tula.  Even worse?  It is possible for it to be self-inflicted.

This event happens more frequently if you chose Faralinthor, Salty Lord of the Sea as your ancestral enemy during clan creation.

Event Dialogue

Flash floods have put much of your tula underwater. Most of the herd was safely taken to higher ground, but you have lost livestock, goods, and buildings to the flood. The longer it continues, the more damage your tula suffer.

King of Dragon Pass

  1. Offer to help neighboring clans who are in even worse shape than you
  2. Sacrifice to Ernalda
  3. Sacrifice to Heler, the Rain God
  4. Sacrifice to Orlanth
  5. Wait out the flood
, King of Dragon Pass

Note:  This event may happen randomly, however, it is possible to invoke it.  Simply choose Faralinthor, Salty Lord of the Sea, as your clan's ancient enemy.  Then, upon learning the Summons of Evil blessing from your Ancestors, you can cause the flood random event. 


If you learned the Orlanth and Aroka heroquest, another option will be available in the actions, allowing you to perform the heroquest to halt the flood.

Additionally, if your clan's ancient enemy is Faralinthor, Salty Lord of the Sea, another option will appear:

  • Perform the ritual dance of the Battle of Breaking Waves


This is one event in which you will lose cattle, goods, and people, no matter what you do. 

  • If you try to wait out the flood, the damage will grow even worse. 
  • Successful sacrifice to Ernalda, Heler, Orlanth or performing the Orlanth and Aroka heroquest will halt further damage. 
  • If you choose to help other devastated clans, your reputation will increase, and this can even end a feud sometimes.

Ancestral enemy variant:

  • If you are able to perform the Battle of Breaking Waves, success will increase your clan's magic.

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