Food Fight
Food Fight


Random Event

Happens when Low tribal mood
Requires Tribe

One fine day, your clan members decide to unleash their inner child...

Note:  This event can appear if the mood of your tribe is low, and the king/queen isn't from your clan

Event Dialogue

Strife has broke out within the tribe.  A feast you threw in honor of your tribal neighbors, the <X Clan>, turned into a rowdy brawl when thoughtless words were exchanged.  Were it not for the quick intervention of ring members from both clans, worse violence would have resulted.  You also hear reports of similar disharmony between other clans of the tribe.
  1. Convince other clans in tribe to give up treasures for tribal regalia.
  2. Explore in search of new items for tribal regalia.
  3. Sacrifice to Orlanth the King.
  4. Scold members of your clan who participated in the fight.

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you are sufficiently persuasive, you can convince other clans to add their treasures to the tribal regalia.  This makes the other clans feel they really do belong to the tribe and will strengthen relations in the tribe.  Failure will leave tensions as high as usual.  Be aware that clans don't like to give up their treasures for tribal regalia.
  • Other clans are more apt to agree to go searching for new items for the tribal regalia.  You can determine how long your searchers will be away (from 1 to 5 seasons).  The longer the search, the greater the chances of success.  If you have one, a Vingan leader also tends to work best.  Success will net you new items for the regalia, and improve the tribal mood.  Failure leaves things as it were, and you lost the use of your explorer during that time period.
  • Sacrificing to Orlanth is probably the easiest method to raise tribal relations, but you will be losing cows/goods/thralls in the process.  The more you sacrifice, the greater the chance of success.  However, failure will be seen as losing the favor the gods, and may worsen relations.
  • Successfully scolding your clan members will ease tensions with other clans as they acknowledge their behavior.  Failure will actually worsen clan morale as the participants disagree with the ring.

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