The previous event was probably Red Moon, Black Scars

Foreign Sacrilege
Foreign Sacrilege
Refugees of the Lunar Empire


Random Event

Conflict will drive people far away, seeking safety.  Unfortunately, their ignorance of others' customs and beliefs may cause harm to befall them.

Event Dialogue

Foreigners are found in one of the holy sheds where women's magic is practiced. This is double sacrilege. Not only are these people so strange to you that you don't even know where they're from, but there are men among them! No men are ever permitted to step inside one of these sheds. The priestesses must conduct a ritual of purification, but even so, your clan fertility may be seriously disrupted.

  1. Drive them off.
  2. Force them into thralldom.
  3. Kill the man, enslave the women.
  4. Kill them.
  5. Ask them who they are, then kill them.
  6. Conduct a ritual to ask Ernalda for guidance.

King of Dragon Pass


When this event happens, you inevitably lose 3 magic points by its very nature.   It affects annual fertility to children.

  • Driving them off may seem to be one of the more merciful choices.  However, you still have to deal with the results of their actions, especially if your magic is low, or the people don't trust your ring's decisions.
  • Forcing them into thralldom allows you to gain the labor of the strangers, which will mitigate the loss of magic in the long run.  Additionally, if your ancestors owned thralls, this will recove a small bit of clan magic.  If your ancestors didn't believe in thralldom, though, then enslaving the people lowers your magic further. 
  • Killing them will not bother your people, but slaying the women folk may irritate the female goddesses the clan honors
  • A good middle ground is to kill the man, and enslave the women.  If your ancestors owned thralls, then will recover a little clan magic.  A clan who's ancestors didn't believe in thralldom will lose clan magic more.  Be aware that the slaying of the man may incite your thralls to rebel.
  • Ask them who they are reveals that they are refugees from the Lunar Empire, but it means nothing for you.  However, if you have maneuvered the [[Tarsh I: Call for Mercenaries|Tarsh Cycle]] successfully, Illator may come to you seeking the refugees.
  • Conduct a ritual to Ernalda only tells you that she has a regret to inevitable fate to defilers even if successful, and burns more magic points.  Successful divination usually reveals 'kill the man, enthrall the women."

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