It is not unknown for Orlanthi to sow their wild oats...

Forest Affair
Forest Affair


Chain Event

Next Forest Affair: Marital Discord
Forest Affair: Bearing Fruit

Event Dialogue

Everyone is gossiping about what happened a few hours ago. The young woman Eonislara was found out in the forest, making love with Korol, a notorious poet and troublemaking warrior of the <X> clan. Korol left without a formal farewell. Eonislara is unmarried, so her actions are not an offense against the gods. But she is betrothed to Jorator, a young thane of the <Y> clan, and the wedding is scheduled for next season.

  1. End the betrothal.
  2. Insist that Korol marry her.
  3. Let marriage proceed as if nothing has happened.
  4. Tell Jorator about the incident.
  5. Tell Jorator, but urge him to continue with the wedding.

King of Dragon Pass


Your choice may depend on what your relations with the two men's clans are.

  • If you tell Jorastor about the affair and urge him to go on with the wedding, he may refuse and insult your maiden. You will then be given the choice to raid the <Y> clan for insulting Eonislara, or simply let the matter rest. If you don't raid the clan for insulting you, your clan mood may drop.
  • Insisting Korol to marry Eonislara resolves little.  Korol is definitely a love 'em and leave 'em sort, but nothing he has done is against Orlanthi law.  After Korol's rejection, you are given the option of raiding Korol's clan, or letting the matter drop.  Letting the matter drop is probably the safest choice.  Successfully raiding Korol's clan will boost your morale, but failure certainly lowers it.  Needless to say, relations worsen with the <X> clan.
  • Mum's the word if you decide not to tell Jorator about the incident.  This choice also leads to Forest Affair: Marital Discord.
  • If you tell Jorator about the incident, but convince him to marry, then this continues in Forest Affair: Marital Discord.
  • If you end the betrothal, then this will continue in Forest Affair: Bearing Fruit.

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