Forest Affair: Bearing Fruit


Chain Event

Previous Forest Affair

Rather than dealing with the results from Eonislara's impetuous actions, the clan decided to break her betrothal to Jorator.  However, while Eonislara is content with the current state of affairs, others are starting to talk...

Event Dialogue

Eonislara, whose betrothal to Jorator of the <X Clan> was broken off after her seduction by Korol the Poet of the <Y Clan>, is now pregnant.  Eonislara is very happy, but her kinfolk see her pregnancy as a reminder of an embarrassing chain of events.
  1. Encourage Jorator to marry her.
  2. Encourage Korol to marry her.
  3. Leave this matter to her kinfolk.
  4. Scold Eonislara for being careless.
  5. Scold her kinfolk for being unreasonable.

King of Dragon Pass


Something to bear in mind is that Orlanthi have no problems, legally, if two unmarried people knock boots as it were.  While there may be social pressures, there is nothing wrong with it from a legal point.

  • If you have a silver tongue (thought not as talented as Korol's), you can convince Jorator to marry Eonislara.  Failure will leave the woman single.
  • No matter what you do, Korol will not marry Eonislara.  In fact, with his refusal, you get a chance to raid Korol's clan.  However, you will find even your people won't like going to war based on a some fling...and the heavens help if you lose the raid.
  • If you leave the matter to her kinfolk, Eonislara may have a hard time of it.
  • Scolding Eonislara will earn the ring's disdain from the other members of the clan since this problem isn't against any Orlanthi law.
  • Scolding her kinfolk is a good choice as it reminds the people that there was nothing done in the view of the law and gods.

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