Forest Affair: Marital Discord


Chain Event

Previous Forest Affair

Sometimes honesty is not the best policy.  The consequences of Eonislara's earlier dalliance have come to fruition.

Event Dialogue

Jorator of clan <X>, to whom you married the young woman Eonislara, demands compensation.  "Eonislara promised me that she would dally with no other before our marriage, yet now she is puffed up with the child of some accursed seducer!  I have been cheated and demand the return of the bride price as penalty!
  1. Advise Eonislara to divorce him.
  2. Refund the bride price.
  3. Refuse him. 
  4. Try to mollify him, but do not pay him.
  5. "Your claim is without legal foundation."

King of Dragon Pass


  • There is little stigma for divorce in Orlanthi society, and this may be the best advice for Eonislara.  Either way, your clan morale will go up as the ring demonstrates its concern for Eonislara.  If Eonislara agrees with the ring's assessment, your population will go up, but relations with Jorator's clan will decrease.  Don't be surprised if Eonislara decides to stick things out with Jorator, though. 
  • Refund the bride price will improve relations with Jorator's clan.  Members of your own clan may be a bit upset since Eonislara's premarital activities violated no law, and don't require a refund.
  • Outright refusing Jorator is probably the easiest choice.  It doesn't cost you anything, but Jorator's complaining may worsen relations with his clan.
  • If you possess a silver-tongue, then you probably should mollify Jorator verbally.  Success calms him down, and costs you nothing, although failure will leave him angry and his grumbling may worsen relations with his clan.
  • Telling Jorator 'his claim is without legal foundation' will upset the man, but his clan will admit your assertion is true.  This mitigates some of the damage Jorator's complaining caused with you and his clan.

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