Formation of Other Tribes


Chain Event

Next Day of Battle (Tribe at War)
Peace Overtures

When the balance of power shifts, others will scramble to regain what was lost...

Event Dialogue

Sora Goodseller, a trader-priestess of the talking god, Issaries, comes to trade with you.  In the course of a routine trading session, she shares some news.  "By helping to start a new tribe, you changed the face of Dragon Pass."  Afraid of your tribe's power, the other clans are gathering themselves into tribes.  The <various> clans have joined together as the <X> tribe.  The <Y> tribe is made up of the <other> clans.  Finally, the <remnant> clans have confederated as the <Z> tribe.  Other clans are considering forming tribes.

1.  Argue for war with another tribe.
2.  Attempt an alliance with another tribe.
3.  Convey the news to the other clans of the tribe.
4.  Sacrifice to the gods for protection from new tribes.
5.  Warn the <Beastfolk/Trolls/Elves/etc.> against one of the new tribes.

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you are convincing, you can the other members of your tribe to wage war.  You will have your pick of which tribe, and whether to attack immediately, or the next Fire Season. 
  • Gaining an alliance is easier, and you will have the pick of tribes to approach.  If your clan does happen to have bad relations with the clans in the other tribe then this may fail.
  • The basic response, conveying the news to your fellow clans will garner some good-will, as well as a wait and see attitude. 
  • A successful sacrifice will help safeguard your tribe if one of the new tribes are belligerent from the start.
  • Warning the <Beastfolk/Trolls/Elves/etc.> will improve relations with the Beastfolk.  However, you will lose clan magic if the <Beastfolk/Trolls/Elves/etc.> are your ancestral enemy.


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