Confederation moot

Once you have made the primary negotiations with various clans and agreed upon various demands and concessions, it's time for the Confederation Moot. There may be a lot of arguing!

Event Dialogue

You and the <W>, <X>, <Y>, and <Z> clans all gather for a moot of confederation. It soon becomes clear that there are serious problems with the deal you negotiated. The concessions you gave to some clans displease the chieftains of other clans. When this is made clear, the chieftains who won these concessions become offended. <#> of the clans are especially unhappy. It looks like this new tribe of yours might be dead in its cradle.

  1. Abandon attempts to form a tribe.
  2. Encourage satisfied clans to make concessions to dissatisfied clans.
  3. Give cows to dissatisfied clans.
  4. Persuade dissatisfied clans that the deal is better than then think.
  5. Give a treasure to each of the dissatisfied clans.

King of Dragon Pass


the more clans you have gathered, the harder it will be to get them all to agree and compromise, although everyone knows that with the right amount of cows... anything is possible.

  • Gifts of cows go a long way in showing your generosity and persuading chieftains of your good intentions.
  • If you can afford it, the gifting of a valuable treasure will be praised, and the dissatisfaction will drop. (Keep in mind that while unique treasures are extremely valuable, treasures you can get multiple times, like the Spirit Fetches, are perceived as much less valuable.)
  • If you have a good lawspeaker, persuading the dissatisfied clans has a good chance of working.
  • Encouraging compromises between the clans has a chance of working, without you needing to have a good lawspeaker or give away any wealth.

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