Rites of kingship

Event Dialogue

The time has come for our own <X>, the first king of the <Y> tribe, to undergo the rites of kingship. Because this is a new tribe, the magicians and priests have had some latitude in designing the rites. Future kings will have to follow them precisely. If he fails to complete these rites, he loses all claim to the throne. It is also possible that the candidate will be harmed by enemies attracted by the magic of the rite, or devoured by angry spirits if he proves unworthy.

  1. Make sure the tribal regalia is good enough.
  2. Lend your magic to aid <X> in his rites.
  3. Enjoy this historic occasion.
  4. Sacrifice to the gods in aid of the candidate.

King of Dragon Pass

If your candidate was not chosen to be king during the elections or if you rooted for another clan's candidate, you will get an extra option:

  • Secretly use your magic to hinder the candidate.


  • Enjoying the historical event does nothing helpful, and may hinder the candidate.
  • Making sure the tribal regalia is good enough will prompt you to add one of your treasures, and to persuade the other clans to also add a treasure. This does not appear to have any positive effects.

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