Even in a land as rustic, and primitive as Dragon Pass, there are those who prize the written word.  This clan holds education, and by extension Lhankor Mhy, in a higher regard than anything else, and if you wish to include in your nascent tribe, then you must account for this. 

Forming a Tribe: the Ancient Text Clan
Texts Clan


Chain Event

Happens when Recruiting clans to form tribe

Event Dialogue

The <X clan>, known for its collection of old documents and its shrine to Lhankor Mhy, have anticipated your tribe-making mission. To join the tribe, <X clan> want the other clans to donate wealth for the purchase of discovered documents, and for teaching people how to read. They wish to make literacy a requirement for all candidates to the throne. Finally, they wish to occupy the Lhankor Mhy seat on the tribal council in perpetuity.
  1. Abandon negotiations.
  2. Agree that kings must be literate.
  3. Demand that they make a grand map for the whole tribe.
  4. Dicker over the literacy and document-buying payments.
  5. Give them the Lhankor Mhy seat.
  6. Give gifts.

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you don't think you can convince the <X> to your side, you can always abandon negotiations.  However, most of the choices aren't too onerous, so you might just want to stay with them.  Realize if you already gave them any gifts, they retain the items when you cease negotiating.
  • Agreeing that all kings/queens must be literate ensures the strong support of this clan, but you will find other prospective clans will balk at this requirement.  You are better off trying one of the other options to get this clan's support.
  • If you demand that they make a map for the whole tribe, and they agree, and you succeed at forming the tribe, undiscovered areas of your map will periodically update with the explorations of your tribe-mates.
  • Choosing to dicker over the price of literacy and document buying goes to a new menu.  First, you can set the amount each clan would provide from 1 to 50 goods.  Then you have a choice where to allocate resources:
    • 1.  Equally between documents buying and teaching people to read 
    • 2.  Mostly on document
    • 3.  Mostly on reading 
    • 4.  Leave it up to the <Ancient Texts Clan> to decide
  • Giving the <X> the Lhankor Mhy seat on the tribal council is also a good way to ensure their support.  Additionally, most other clans prefer other seats, so this is a good bone to throw to the <X>.
  • When in doubt, giving gifts can influence this clan as well.  The more cattle/goods you give, the better the results.  However, the previous options should be tried before the gift-giving.

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