Outlaws and bandits are ostracized by Orlanthi in general, but there is one clan that is known for rehabilitating them.  As a consequence, this clan are raiders par excellence.  If you seek to induct them into your nascent tribe, you must contend with both their greed, and their desire for independence.

Forming a Tribe: the Bandit-Reforming Clan
Reform Bandits Clan


Chain Event

Happens when Recruiting clans to form tribe

Event Dialogue

Your emissaries talk to the ring of <reforms bandits clan>, a small clan known for giving a second chance to bandits and outlaws.  They're also known for the effectiveness and ferocity of their raids.  <X>, chief of the <reforms bandits clan>, doesn't have any demands.  He wants you to tell him why he should join your tribe.

1.  Abandon negotiations.
2.  "If you do not join the new tribe, you are the first clan it will crush."
3.  "The other clans dislike you, but we honor you, and fought for your inclusion."
4.  "We'll give you a treasure if you join."
5.  "Your joining is inevitable.  Join now, and get a seat on the council."
6.  Give gifts.

King of Dragon Pass


This clan has few demands other than providing expertise in battle and offers little.

  • Threats can work, especially if you state this clan will be the first crushed.  This threat is more effective if you already have another clan or two tentatively lined up to join the tribe.
  • A persuasive speaker can convince this clan that you honor them and fought for their inclusion.  Failure will make this clan disbelieve you.
  • Sometimes simple bribery is the best. In this case giving a treasure will definitely sway them your way.
  • Part threat, part bribe. Telling them if the clan joins now they will get a seat will partially convince them to lean your way as well.  This usually has to be joined with one of the other options.
  • Giving gifts can be effective.  However, you may have to give a large number of cattle/goods to effect any noticeable change.
  • If you are unable to sway this clan or decide they aren't a proper fit for your tribe then abandon negotiations.  Realize if you already gave them any treasures/gifts they retain the items.

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