This clan, gourmands one and all, seek to make Dragon Pass more civilized, at least by their standards.  As such, their requirements are more culinary in nature than anything else.  If you wish to include them in your tribe, then you must bear that in mind. 

Forming a Tribe: the Cooking Clan
Cooking Clan


Chain Event

Happens when Recruiting clans to form tribe

Event Dialogue

The <X clan>, famed for their skilled cooks, demand the following if they are to join your new tribe. They want the tribe to support exploration in search of legendary lost foods of Dragon Pass. They want each clan to spend time growing their rare and delicate herbs and spices. Further, the <X clan> wants to send fewer warriors to tribal wars than the other clans do.

  1. Abandon negotiations.
  2. Allow them to contribute less to tribal warfare than other clans.
  3. Require the <X clan> to do the cooking for tribal feasts.
  4. Require each clan to spend time growing their herbs and spices.
  5. Support exploration.
  6. Give gifts.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Asking them to cook your tribal feasts will lead them to ask you if you require them to give more than their share of ingredients towards feasts, and if so, how many cows worth of food they should supply: 13, 15, 20 or 30.  The less you require, the more the more amenable they are to this request.
  • If you allow them to send less warriors for tribal wars, you will be asked how many warriors they should send, from 1 to 9.  The fewer warriors they have to lend, the more influence you gain.  Be too generous, though, and other clans may have an issue with the amount.
  • If you require each clan to grow herbs and spices, you will then be given a choice of:  A token amount, Enough for the clan's own use, and Enough to trade.  Be aware that other than a token amount means there is acreage not used for the growing of grain crops.
  • Support exploration will be enthusiastically endorsed by this clan as they want new herbs and spices to punch up meal-time.  This option is one of the more recommended ones to pursue.
  • Giving gifts is a time honored tradition of swaying others to your side.  Of course, the more you give, the better the response.
  • There is also the option of abandoning negotations.  This option happens automatically if you can't come to an agreement with this clan, but you may also decide that the <X> just aren't worth the effort.  Also, be aware any gifts you gave will stay with this clan.

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