Though most clans primarily follow Orlanth, there are others who place greater emphasis on another deity.  This clan holds Elmal in paramount regard.  If you try to recruit them into your newly formed tribe, you will have to show Elmal honor.

Forming a Tribe: the Elmali Clan
Elmali Clan


Chain Event

Happens when Recruiting clans to form tribe

Event Dialogue

Your emissaries approach the leadership of the <X> clan, known for worshipping the sun god Elmal as their chief god. You ask them if they wish to join your new tribe. "There is often tension between Elmal clans and Orlanth clans, who do not respect us properly. A pledge of respect for Elmal must be contained in the new tribe's rites of kingship. Each clan must sacrifice to Elmal each holy season. We must be guaranteed two seats on the tribal council, in perpetuity."

  1. Abandon negotiations.
  2. Agree to pledge in rites of kingship.
  3. Agree to sacrifice to Elmal.
  4. Demand that they teach their sun magic to warriors of the other clans.
  5. Guarantee them a seat or seats on the council.
  6. Give gifts.

King of Dragon Pass


Bear in mind, it may be easier to convince the <X clan> to join your tribe if you are also an Elmali clan.

  • Agreeing to pledge in rites of kingship is arguably the easiest dictate to fulfill.  This shows the same regard to Elmal that Orlanth himself did.
  • Another way to gain this clan's regard is to have each member in the tribe agree to sacrifice to Elmal.  You will be given a range of wealth (goods and cows) to sacrifice from 1 to 50.  The larger the number, the more pleased the <X Clan> is.  However, requiring too many sacrifices will aggravate the other clans in your nascent tribeAgreeing to sacrifice more than four cows per season will make the other clans ill at ease.
  • Remember, each clan has an obligation to the tribe at large.  One way the <X clan> can fulfill this is to require they teach their sun magic to other warriors.  If the <X clan> agrees to this, your warirors may exhibit a few Elmali feats in combat.  Additionally, you may learn the heroquest Elmal Guards the Stead.
  • Guaranteeing them seats on the council ensures the goodwill of this clan.  You can choose from 1 to 5 seats to give them (though this number may be lower if you gave seats to other clans.).  Giving one seat is fine, but you will aggravate the other clans you are trying to recruit if you give the <X clan> 2 or more seats.
  • If nothing else seems to work, you can give gifts to sway this clan.  The more cattle/goods you give, the better the results.
  • You may find yourself failing to come to an agreement with the <X Clan>, or just decide they aren't worth your time.  As such, you can abandon negotiations.  Realize any gifts you gave them earlier will stay with them.

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