Though most clans hold Orlanth in the highest regard, many others place a greater emphasis on other deities.  This clan is one such group, holding Ernalda in paramount importance.  As a result, this clan is renowned for their farming excellence, and recruiting them into your tribe can do much to stave off starvation.  However, this clan knows it, and you may pay a great price for their support.

Forming a Tribe: the Ernalda Clan
Ernalda Clan


Chain Event

Happens when Recruiting clans to form tribe

Event Dialogue

The <X> clan, known for its rich crop yields, entertains your proposal for a new tribe. They want each clan of the new tribe to give them fertility magic every year. They want a treasure. The <X clan> also want an agreement that no clan of the tribe will trade for grain with outside clans as long as the <X clan> have surplus grain to trade.

  1. Abandon negotiations.
  2. Agree to give them fertility magic.
  3. Agree to trade restrictions.
  4. Demand favorable trade terms for other clans in tribe seeking <X clan> grain.
  5. Promise them a treasure.
  6. Give gifts.

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you agree to giving them fertility magic, you will be asked how much each clan in the tribe should give them. You options will be: a token amount, some, but not a lot, or all they can spare.  The more you give, the more influence you gain.  However, unless you gain other concessions from this clan, other members of your unformed tribe may be displeased if you demand a large amount of magic.
  • Agreeing to trade restrictions pleases the <X clan> immensely, and you gain much of their favor.  However, other clans will feel better if you manage to gain other concessions from the <X clan>
  • If you demand favorable trade terms for grain from them, you will be asked how much grain per 10 cows they should give to the other tribe members, the usual quantity being 20. You wil have the choice of asking for 22, 24, 26 or 28 per 10 cows.  This represents the obligations the <X> have to the rest of the tribe.  The lower the amount you require, the more the <X clan> favor you.
  • The <X clan> want a treasure, plain and simple.  You get to decide which treasure they receive from you.  This does much to sway this clan to your side.  Many treasures are unique items, so you may wish to keep a Spirit Fetch or two in reserve for this purpose.
  • Giving gifts is a bribery at its best.  The more cattle/goods you give, the more influence you gain.
  • If you are unable to come to an agreement, or decide this clan isn't worth the effort, you can abandon negotations.  One thing to bear in mind is that if you gave them any treasures or gifts before ceasing talks, the <X clan> will retain them. 

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