Dedicated as they are to Odayla, the Hunting Clan is one of the smallest in Dragon Pass.  However, by courting their favor, you may turn these people into some of your staunchest allies.

Forming a Tribe: the Hunting Clan
Hunting Clan


Chain Event

Happens when Recruiting clans to form tribe

Event Dialogue

Your emissaries speak to Clan <X>, the hunting clan, about the new tribe. They want the right to hunt in other clans' tulas, sacrifices made annually to Odayla the Hunter, and mutual oath of support between their clan and yours within the tribe.

  1. Abandon negotiations.
  2. Agree to mutual support oath.
  3. Agree to Odayla sacrifices.
  4. Ask them to add one of their treasures to the tribal regalia.
  5. Cede them hunting rights.
  6. Give gifts.

King of Dragon Pass


  • One of the easiest ways to gain this clan's favor is to agree to mutual oaths of support.  However, this can be rather binding; both clans are expected to support each other no matter what.  If you renege on this oath, the Hunting clan could very well leave the tribe, and hurting your reputation in general.
  • Agreeing to make the tribe provide yearly sacrifices to Odayla will please the Hunting Clan to no end.   You will be presented with a choice of offering between 1 to 25 goods/cattle. Obviously, the greater the sacrifices, the greater the sway you have.  Be careful not be too generous because the more sacrifices you require, the more persuasion you will have to give the other clans in your nascent tribe.
  • Forming a tribe is a matter of give and take, so it is certainly well within your rights to ask this clan to provide one of their treasures to the tribal regalia.  Successful persuasion has the Hunting Clan hand over a treasure.  One result of this is that it seems to increase the tribal magic. 
  • Ceding them hunting rights allows this clan to hunt on any land within the tribe.  This is a good option to sway them, but you will see a slight decrease in the amount of food your own hunters produce.
  • Giving gifts is always an option.  The more cattle/goods you give, the better the reaction. 
  • Abandoning negotiations will happen if you are unable to sway the Hunting Clan, or else you decide it is too much effort to gain their support.  Realize that any gifts you gave will stay with this clan by picking this option.

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