Forming a Tribe: the Pig Clan
Pig Herd Clan


Chain Event

Happens when Recruiting clans to form tribe
One would almost think them un-Orlanthi given their preoccupation with swine.  Why, one might get the idea they hold pigs in a higher regard than cattle.  Still, if you can get the pig-herding clan on your side, you will have a powerful ally.

Event Dialogue

Clan <X>, famed for its robust pig herds, wants the following if they are to join your new tribe.  Each clan of the tribe must sacrifice a dozen pigs to Mralota, the Pig Mother, each year, on that goddess' High Holy Day.  A Pig Mother priestess must sit on the tribal council one year in four.  The tribute they pay to the <Y> for the bad smell of their herds must be ended.  The other clans must each supply them with ten baskets of acorns a year.

1.  Abandon negotiations.
2.  Agree to end tribute to the <Y>.
3.  Agree to provide acorns.
4.  Agree to Mralota sacrifices.
5.  Allow a Mralota priestess on the tribal council every four years.
6.  Demand that they use their wealth to aid poorer clans. 
7.  Give gifts.

King of Dragon Pass


Don't be afraid to give the clan its demands before giving gifts. There will be an opportunity later use your persuasion to try and convince the other clans at a formal gathering to give some leeway as well. Of course, that will be easier to do on Easy setting rather than hard.

  • If you can't come to an agreement, you won't have much choice but to abandon negotiations.
  • The <X> tend to owe tribute to whatever clan is nearest to them.  However, getting the other tribe shouldn't be too hard, especially if you bring the <Y> into a tribe as well.
  • Gathering acorns is not too onerous a task, but you may have to convince your farmers that is the case.
  • Agreeing to Mralota sacrifices shouldn't be too bad either since most other clans find cattle much more valuable.  However, you get to decide the number (from 0 to 100) and the larger the number, the more likely <X> will agree to your terms.
  • The clans may be more resistant to the idea of allowing a pig priestess on the tribal council.  Cattle are paramount, so there is no problem with a devotee of Uralda, but a follower of Mralota doesn't rate as high.
  • If you gave pretty good terms to the <X>, then you can demand they use their wealth to help the less fortunate.  They will accept this within reason, but the higher the amount, the more resistant they will be.  You do get to decide the number they give (from 0 to 100).
  • Giving gifts may be good for a last ditch attempt to swing their opinion, but don't bankrupt yourself in the process.  And remember, gifts you give stay gone even if you abandon negotiations.

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