Each clan becomes renowned for some interest or behavior.  In this clan's case it is an obsession with pottery.  What they lack in martial proclivities, they make up for in trading.  If you wish to convince this clan to join your tribe, then you must indulge their quirks.

Forming a Tribe: the Pottery Clan
Pottery Clan


Chain Event

Happens when Recruiting clans to form tribe

Event Dialogue

You have offered the ring of the <Pottery Clan> a place in the new tribe you are building.  The <Pottery Clan> are known for their love of pottery, a craft they pursue with an attitude that borders on fanatacism.  Your emissaries report that, to join the tribe, they want each clan to buy 20 cows worth of pottery per year from them.  They want a guaranteed seat on the tribal ring in perpetuity, and a pledge that no other clan in the tribe can use any other container when a <Pottery Clan> pot could instead by used.

1.  Abandon negotiations.
2.  Accept the "20 cows worth of pots per year" requirement.
3.  Accept the "no other containers" requirement.
4.  Suggest a smaller number of pots per year.
5.  Accept the tribal council requirements.
6.  Give gifts.

King of Dragon Pass


This is one of the easier clans to get to join your tribe, but they don't really bring much to the table other than extra warriors, or trade opportunities. 

  • Accepting 20 cows of pots per year definitely gets this clan on your side, but other prospective tribe members may protest this stipulation.. 
  • If you seek common ground with the <Pottery Clan>  you can can suggest a smaller number pots per year.  If successful, this is actually a good choice.  It pleases the <Pottery Clan> but other prospective clans won't find it to onerous.   Successful negotation often results in as few as 5 pots per year to be bought.
  • One decision which virtually guarantees this clan's support would be to accept 'no other containers' requirement.  However, this choice can lead to other inter-tribal disagreements (such as the Esra Priestess Uprising.
  • Guranteeing them one tribal seat isn't a big requirement, though this option may not appear if you already gave the maximum number of seats elsewhere.
  • Giving gifts can also sway this clan your way.  The more cattle/goods you give, the better the reaction.
  • If you can't come to terms with this clan, or decide they aren't worth your time, then you can always abandon negotiations.  Realize any gifts you gave to this clan earlier will stay with them.

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