Forming a Tribe: the Raiding Clan
Raiding Clan


Chain Event

Happens when Recruiting clans to form tribe

If you are looking for some of the best warriors among the Orlanthi, look no further than the Raiding Clan.  They are a strong addition to any tribe, but realize that to get them on your side, you may have to give up a lot.

Event Dialogue

Your emissaries approach Clan <X>, known for its martial prowess and its ancient hatred of trolls about joining your new tribe.  The <X> want the Humakt and Thunder Brothers seats on the tribal council.  They want the other clans to help pay to equip their warriors.  They want one of their men to lead every tribal raid not led by the king.  They also demand that the troll-loving <Planning Clan> not be allowed into this new tribe.

1.  Abandon negotiations.
2.  Agree that they lead tribal raids.
3.  Demand that <X> weaponthanes patrol tulas of other clans.
4.  Offer them a seat or seats on the council.
5.  Negotiate the amount other clans will pay to equip them.
6.  Do not allow the <Planning Clan> into the tribe.
7.  Give gifts.

King of Dragon Pass

Note:  Option 6 won't appear if the <Planning Clan> isn't in range to recruit in the potential tribe.  If you've already recruited the <Planning Clan>,  other options will be made available such as making a special deal for the trolls or booting either clan out of the potential tribe.

Variant:  If you have already recruited the <Planning Clan>, then this variant will appear:

6. Make promises regarding the <Planning Clan>'s trolls

King of Dragon Pass


  • The default option if you fail to reach an agreement, abandoning negotiations also causes a loss of whatever gifts you may have spent.
  • Considered among the finest war-leaders, allowing the <X> to lead tribal raids will help gain their support.  However, the warriors of the other clans may not like this so much.
  • If you are going to give in to their other demands, then demanding weaponthanes help patrol other tulas should be one of the <X> obligations.  Be sure not to demand too many warriors, though.  You then get a choice of how many weaponthanes the <X> will have to send to other clans.  You will get a range of 1 through 5 to decide on.
  • Offering seats on council also means a substantial amount of power.  1 seat can usually be justified, but other clans may not like it if two are given, especially for some of the more martial clans.
  • If weaponthanes are going to help protect the tribe, then a modest amount of goods could be justified to pay the <X> to equip them.  You will be asked how much each other clan must pay in a range from 1 to 25.  The higher the amount, the more <X> will be swayed to your way of things, but it may prove a sticking point to other clans.
  • If you want the <Planning Clan> in the tribe, then you may have to give into hefty gifts to get the <Raiding Clan> to join.  My recommendation is to first get the <Planning Clan> in first because there will be a secondary window in which you can make...accommodations...for the trolls.   See the 'Variant' below for more information.
  • Giving gifts always works in a pinch.  Just be sure not to make your herds too small, or give away too many goods.


If you have encountered this variant, then choosing Option 6 will open a secondary window in which you can determine the fate of the <Planning Clan>'s trolls:

1.  Promise the <Planning Clan> will expel their trolls.

2.  Promise that the <Planning Clan>'s trolls will pay tribute to the <Raiding Clan>.

3.  Promise that the <Planning Clan>'s trolls will submit to ritual humiliation once a year.

King of Dragon Pass

Variant Consequences

  • You will find expelling the trolls won't work.  The <Planning Clan> will stand by their ways, no matter what.
  • The <Raiding Clan> will suffer the presence of the trolls if they pay them tribute.  There will be a choice of 1-20.  The higher the number you pick, the more amenable the <Raiding Cla> will be.
  • Another option to please the <Raiding Clan>, you guarantee the trolls will submit to ritual humiliation.  This may be the harder course, though it is cheaper.  It does worsen relations with trolls at large.

You will then go back to the <Planning Clan> for the next event.  Please look at the Trouble with Trolls category in Forming a Tribe: the Planning Clan

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