Forming a Tribe: the Surviving Pursuit Clan
Surviving Pursuit Clan


Chain Event

Happens when Recruiting clans to form tribe
As newcomers, this clan may not have the resources more established clans may have, they are not without their positives.  If you were generous with them, this clan may be one your biggest supporters when it comes time to making a tribe.  While they may not have the resources more established

Note:  If given a choice, you may wish to recruit this clan first as it may make further negotiations with other clans easier.

Event Dialogue

On its way to Dragon Pass, Clan <X> escaped pursuit by terrible foes.  They have yet to fully recover from their losses.  The <X> are in no position to make great demands of a new tribe.  What do your emissaries say to the <X> ring?

1.  Abandon negotiations.
2.  "Donate a treasure for the kingly regalia."
3.  "Support our clan when we nominate a king."
4.  "Tell us the secrets of your deadly foes."
5.  "You are admired; help us convince others to join the tribe."
6.  Give gifts.

King of Dragon Pass


Don't be afraid to give the clan its demands before giving gifts. There will be an opportunity later use your persuasion to try and convince the other clans at a formal gathering to give some leeway as well. Of course, that will be easier to do on Easy setting rather than hard.

  • If you change your mind about having this clan join, then just abandon negotiations.
  • Suggesting the <X> donate a treasure, they will want to know why.  As long as your speaker is sufficiently persuasive, any of the following arguments will work:
1.  "It is a great honor to add a treasure to the regalia."
2.  "Your clan is weak.  It must prove its worth to the other clans."
3.  "Your clan magic will be strengthened through a tie to the tribal wyter.

King of Dragon Pass

  • Especially if you were generous with them, <X> will support you when it nominates a king/queen
1.  "Our clans have common interests."
2.  "We're doing you a favor by letting you join, and expect consideration in return."
3.  "Your courage is well-known and your support would legitimize any new king."

King of Dragon Pass

  • If you ask the <X> to explain their secrets, and their foes, you will find out the <X> was allied to the Pharaoh when he first came to Heortland.  However, they soon learned they were engaged in sorcery, and left, telling others of Pharaoh's crimes.  For this, they were hunted down, and even moved to Dragon Pass, one step ahead of the Pharaoh's men.  (You may have come across these hunters in Sorcerers On The Hunt).
  • If you convince the <X> you admire them, they will be surprised, but accept it as sincere.  Even more importantly, in a tribe, the <X> would have greater protection.
  • Giving gifts may work, but can get quite expensive, and may not work as well as one hopes.  Also, any gifts you give you can't get back if you abandon negotiations.

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