Free Your Thralls


Random Event

Requires Having thralls

For a freedom loving people like the Orlanthi, it does seem to be paradoxical for some clans to believe in thralldom, even if it is their own people...

Event Dialogue

<X>, the senior Ernalda priestess of the <Y> clan, comes to tell you of a great deed she has done.  She convinced the rest of her clan to free all of their thralls, making them free <Y>.  "Everyone said that we would be worse off, but the former thralls now work much harder, and we are better off.  I am here to spread this glorious news, in hopes that you will do the same, and reap the same benefit."
  1. Conduct a divination.
  2. Free your thralls.
  3. "We will consider what you have said."
  4. "You should not meddle in our business, priestess."
  5. Politely refuse her.

King of Dragon Pass


One thing to bear in mind, if your ancestors' took thralls, then freeing them will lose clan magic.  If your clan didn't believe in thralldom, then freeing the people will raise clan magic.

  • Divination will give your ancestors answer to thralldom, if they take thralls they tell you they are insulted and want you to tell her off, unknown about not taking thralls though.
  • Freeing your thralls naturally pleases your former thralls, and for a time period will work harder with their new freedom.  Of course, they do eat more as well.  Also, whether your ancestors kept thralls, may increase or decrease your magic (as explained above).
  • A non-committal answer, considering what the priestess said will satisfy her, and keeps her clan's relations from dropping with you.
  • Insulting the priestess, such as telling her not to meddle in your business, will lose relations with her clan, but your people will be satisfied.
  • Politely refusing <X> will displease the priestess and her clan slightly, but not to a great extent.  Otherwise, things stay the same. 

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