Gems are one resource you may discover while exploring your tula.  Once gems are discovered, you may set your crafters to make goods from them.  Another clan may make an economic offer to make use of it.

Discovery Dialogue

We were about to turn back for home when one of the party saw a strange gleam in a steep hillside.  We climbed up, and found a seam of rock containing many clear, sparkling gems of blue, red, and yellow.

King of Dragon Pass

Trade Dialogue

<X>, a trader from the <Trading Clan>, approaches the ring.  "We know that found a source of gems, and would like to relieve you of the onerous tasks of mining, cutting, and polishing them to make them fit for market."  He twirls his beard as he makes his offer.  "For trading these rough gems through us only, we will give you 10 cows worth of goods every year.  Surely you can see that to gain goods without going through the rough work of mining is a fair bargain!"  Behind <X>'s back, our trader, <Z> is slowly turning red.  "Our ties to Issaries are strong, and so we know that we are the best people for you to trade with."
  1.   Refuse <X> politely, but firmly.
  2.   Trade a bag of gems for 20 cattle.
  3.   Offer to trade them the finest of the gems we find every year, instead.

King of Dragon Pass

Note:  The number of cattle offered/counter-offered may vary.

Trade Consequences

  • Refusing the Trading Clan allows you to keep all profits from any goods made with the gems.  However, to maximize the results, be sure to increase trade routes, and assign a crafter to gems.
  • If you wish to make a single straightforward trade, then simply offer a bag of gems for a number of cattle.  The trader will usually agree to this proposition.
  • If you wish for a middling approach offer them the finest gems in trade.  This means you keep the bulk of gems for your own needs, but gives the best to the the Trading Clan.  The proposition will usually be accepted, and your relations usually improves with the Trading Clan.

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