Ghostly Happenings
Possession is nine-tenths of the law.


Random Event

In a land as rife with magic and spirits, it shouldn't be a surprise that includes things that go bump in the night.

Event Dialogue

<X>, a young, energetic farmer, on the road to prosperity, asks the clan council for help.  He claims that his stead is haunted.  Objects move about.  Wailing noises come from nowhere.  <X>'s wife and child have even seen an apparition.
  1. Conduct a lawsuit against the ghost.
  2. Launch a thorough investigation into the haunting
  3. Order <X> to move; burn down his stead
  4. Recommend that <X> move.
  5. Send a devotee of Ernalda to banish the ghost
  6. Send a devotee of Humakt to threaten the ghost
  7. Send a devotee of Issaries to persuade the ghost to leave

King of Dragon Pass

Note: Options 5, 6, and 7 only appear if you have some follower of the appropriate deity on the ring.


  • If you have someone with a high Custom skill, you may be able to force the ghost to leave through legal means, even ghosts aren't above the law!
  • If you launch an investigation, you may actually find out who sent the ghost to you.  Even better, you may convince the ghost to help you.  By providing a yearly sacrfice, it may gift you with extra clan magic.  However, the ghost only tends to last 2-3 years in this instance.
  • Burning usually removes the ghost, but it is possible for it to appear in the new house.
  • Having <X> move may also help, but once again, the ghost may follow.
  • For options 5, 6, and 7, it is possible for your devotees to fail.  In extreme cases, they may even lose skill levels (representing a ghostly attack).

Note:  Sometimes ghosts appear on their own, other times they may be sent a curse by another clan.

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