Eurmal's chosen are barely tolerated at the best of times.  However, when they come together in a group, you can bet something significant is afoot...

Gift from Tricksters
Trickster gift


Random Event

Event Dialogue

A group of tricksters from various local clans assembles to offer you a gift, which they refer to as a treasure. It is a rugged banner with the motion rune crudely painted on it. The appearance of so many tricksters at once makes your people nervous. Some say you should accept the gift, because it is unwise to give tricksters cause to play pranks on you. Other say that the gift itself is probably a prank, and possibly a dangerous one.

  1. Accept the gift.
  2. Accept the gift; get the tricksters drunk.
  3. Accept the gift; gift them in return.
  4. Ask the tricksters what its significance is.
  5. Reject the gift.

King of Dragon Pass


This was not at all hard to do. They drank more beer and wine that we would have thought possible. Just before they fell over, they said, "Keep this banner with you always. You will need it especially in X years. To use it properly, make sure you is king of a tribe; otherwise, destiny will pass you by. When the time comes, you must stop a war by turning it into stone and mortar. You must make peace by conjuring a wolf. Then you must marry a horse. There is more to it, but it is for someone else to say." Then they slept, drenched in their own vomit.

King of Dragon Pass

  • If you accept the gift, and gift the tricksters in return, don't be stingy.  If you are generous, they will give you the Motion Rune Banner, and the same prophecy as if you got them drunk.  Stinginess, though, will net you the treasure, but not the prophecy.
  • Asking the tricksters the significance of the gift reveals nothing other than their amusement, and returns to the choice list.
  • Rejecting the gift amuses the tricksters to no end, and you fail to gain the Motion Rune Banner.  However, as long as you meet the other requirements (kingship, completing heroquests), you can still win the long game.

Note: If you get this encounter, the prophecy (mentioned above) will tell you how many years you have before theevents for the long game take place.

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