Greenware is a resource you may find while exploring your tula.  It is actually high quality clay, but the screen shows it as greenware. Once discovered you may set your crafters to making goods from it. Another clan may make an economic offer for use of it.

Discovery Dialogue

Our exploration turned up a well-hidden cave.  In this cave is that rare, green-colored clay used for high-quality pottery.  I'm sure our potters will want to try it.

King of Dragon Pass

Trade Dialogue

The Pottery Clan's best trader, <X> is here, eager to speak.  "We know that you found a source of green clay, and would pay handsomely to know where it is. We are the most qualified people to make high quality pottery from the clay, and our clans are not at war."  Our trader, <Y> narrows her eyes at this request, and gives a small shake of her head.  "We are prepared to offer 40 cows worth of goods for this knowledge."

1.  Refuse them politely, but firmly.
2.  Offer them two large wagonloads of clay now, in exchange for 40 cows.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Refusing the Pottery Clan politely leaves them slightly miffed but you retain all your clay for further trading.
  • You may exchange two wagonloads of clay for 40 cows. The other clan usually will take you up on the offer but you won't be able to make as many craft goods for a few years as a consequence.

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