Gustbran's Forge


Chain Event

Notable Rewards Gustbran's Wheel
Previous Limbo

When you escape from Limbo, you don't know where you may end up.  However, surely the Smith of the Gods just might be able to help you home...

Note:  If you are here, you may be able to pick up a treasure, which can be a consolation for a failed heroquest.

Event Dialogue

<X> wanders into the forge of the Gustbran, Smith of the Gods.  Sweating Gustbran looks up from his fire, where he was working the bronze bone of an old dead god into a useful thing of metal.  <X> tells Gustbran of her plight, but Gustbran says nothing.
  1. Ask him to make something for you
  2. Challenge him to an arm-wrestling contest
  3. Depart
  4. Leap into Gustbran's fire
  5. Trade one of your bones for the bronze bone

King of Dragon Pass


  • Gustbran, if he is convinced to, can make you an item.  Be aware that most of his goods are meant for the god-plane alone, but it is possible to have him make something to take home.  (See the treasure section below)
  • Asking him to make a key may subsequently unlock a door that leads you back home.
  • If you win the arm-wrestling contest, you will be sent home.  Be aware, Gustbran IS the smith of the gods, a profession not exactly known for its weakness.
  • Departing simply returns you to Limbo.
  • If you leap into the godly fire, you might return home, but the odds will favor your death.
  • Gustbran can only work in godly parts, and you are flesh and bone.  Still he might take pity and send you home.

Note:  If you already have the Godbone, Gustbran doesn't do anything with it.


If Gustbran agrees to make you an item, then you get a small selection of choices:

  • A key
  • A nail
  • A shield
  • A statue of Ernalda
  • A sword
  • A wheel

The only choice that will gain you a treasure is the wheel.  If it succeeds, you will gain:

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