Harming Hand
Talk to the hand!


Exploration Event

Area Snakepipe Hollow

Far to the north of your tula is a land still replete with chaotic energies.  Though it is rich in treasure, this is balanced by its danger as one of your weaponthanes can personally attest to...

Note:  This event may occur if you explore Snakepipe Hollow, and one of your party returns wounded.  This seems to be one of the harder events to get.

Event Dialogue

<X>, one of the weaponthanes you sent on the exploration party to the north, returns from the expedition without a hand.  He tells a terrifying story.  "We found a land still impregnated by chaos, especially in the many tunnels and caves that underlie it.  <Y> and I chose to explore one of the larger groups of tunnels, for we saw broo within and thought it would be holy to slay them.  Instead, we fought a chaotic magician with a hand for a head, and hands for feet.  He captured me and chopped off my hand.  Then <Y> and others came and rescued me from his clutches.  I know he means to make my hand a part of him, and fear that I will be forever cursed by chaos unless it is destroyed.  Please, let us assemble another expedition quickly, before we are all tainted by this awful magic."
  1. Enact a ritual to remove the taint of chaos from him.
  2. Hire mercenaries to destroy <X>'s hand.
  3. Outlaw <X>, then kill him.
  4. Refuse him.
  5. Send a party to recover <X>'s hand.

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you feel quite capable in magic you can enact a magic ritual to purge the chaos taint.  Success frees him, while failure increases the chaos energies in your tula.
  • If you prefer to let someone take the risks, you can hire mercenaries to search and destroy <X>'s hand.  However, this is dangerous, and there is a good chance the mercenaries will die.  If they fail, then their families will expect compensation.  Needless to say, if you don't pay in such a circumstances, your clan's reputation will fall with other clans.
  • If you worry about chaos taint, but want an easy solution, then outlaw and kill <X>.  As long as you have some measure of persuasion, the rest of the clan will understand why, though it is possible the weaponthanes will take issue with the expedient solution.
  • The easiest solution, refusing <X> maintains the status quo, though it does increase the chance of Chaos manifestations.
  • The greatest chance for glory is also the hardest choice:  sending a party to recover <X>'s hand.  This is a tough combat, so don't be surprised if your party doesn't come back.  Success will reveal a large pile of treasure that you can bring back, such as silver coins and jeweled sword hilt.  However, these aren't any actual treasures, just a good stash of goods.  If you bring them back, there is a chance the chaos around your tula will increase.

Note:  Increases in chaos can manifest in the appearance of broos, internal strife, etc.

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