Markanth margrainsson

"Beware of ancestor" A sign to hang on your Tula

While we were exploring to the <direction>, we stumbled onto an old grave.  Everything had rotted, except for the head, which spoke to us, saying his name was Markanth Margrainnson.  He said he was pleased to see his distant descendants, and said he could help us confound our foes in battle if we carried him in the charge.  So we brought the skull back.

King of Dragon Pass


Our ancestor's skull, which can terrify our foes in battle


From exploring, especially around your tula.

Your explorers will find an ancient grave, the contents of which have mostly decayed completely, except for the skull which then promptly introduces itself as a distant ancestor by name of Markanth Masgrainsson. The skull-bound spirit can be a great boon in battle.


The skull can be used in battle to frighten the living daylights out of your opponents, significantly increasing the odds for victory on your side. The skull is old and brittle though and may be destroyed during the battle, becoming forever lost to you.

Trading the skull

Trying to trade the skull will displease the ancestor spirits, including Markanth.

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