Herbs and Spices


Random Event

Happens when <Cooking Clan> in tribe, and growing herbs
This event only comes about if you got the <Cooking Clan> to join your tribe, and agreed to growing herbs if the <Cooking Clan> joined.

Growing crops is hard enough even when the weather is perfect, and you don't have to worry about raids.  However, when you agree to also grow special herbs for the <Cooking Clan>, your carls find something else to grumble about...

Event Dialogue

Your carls come to you to complain that all of the time they must spend tending the herb gardens is interfering with the production of important crops. "You may have promised the <Cooking Clan> we would grow these things, but you did not understand how much work it would mean for us. Certainly, some of them make our food taste better, but it isn't worth it just to please those crazy <Cooking Clan>.
  1. Ask the <Cooking Clan> to release you from your obligations.
  2. Find a few new cottars to tend the gardens.
  3. Stop growing the herbs.
  4. Scold the carls for their constant complaining.
  5. "Come now. You exaggerate the threat to the crops."

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you are on very good terms with the <Cooking Clan>, then you should be able to ask them for release from your obligations.  Of course, if you're not very persuasive, they will decline your request.
  • Possibly the easiest choice, you can try to find more cottars to tend the gardens.  The biggest impediment here is that you actually end up recruiting from other clans, and no one may wish to join your clan.
  • The easiest choice is to stop growing the herbs.  However, doing so will send you to a tribal moot.  From there, you may get out of growing the herbs, or even striking down the entire mandate.
  • Scolding the carls will keep them growing herbs, but definitely worsens the mood of the farmers.  If it happens to often, then you may face Carls on Strike.
  • A more subdued tone, if you are eloquent, then your carls will agree they were exaggerating the threat to the crops.  Failure will lower the farmers' morale, and the carls will come back to complain in the future.

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