Hermit: A Sacrifice for the Future
Dire prophecies and a snazzy get-up...


Exploration Event

Why does it seem like when one goes to live off alone, they go off the deep end?  If you can make it through their babble, they do sometimes have a lot to say.

Event:  This Shall Come to Pass

While exploring in the <direction>, members of your clan encounter a drooling, wild-eyed hermit, dressed in a suit of bark.  He froths at the mouth, dances a little jig, and then says, "Ah!  You are from the <X> clan.  The spirits have whispered things about you.  You are headed for doom--doom I say!  (Prophecy)!  This will be but the first of many catastrophes to befall you!  The only way to stop this is to sacrifice a thrall to Kolat, the spirit-herding god.  If you do not have a thrall, you must sacrifice a treasure.  If you do not have a treasure, you must sacrifice ten cows.  If you do not have ten cows, you must sacrifice five horses."
  1. Do nothing.
  2. Sacrifice five horses to Kolat.
  3. Sacrifice ten cows to Kolat.
  4. Sacrifice a treasure to Kolat.

King of Dragon Pass

Note: Just exploring your tula may get this encounter.

(Prophecy) refers to some event that will take place in the future. The actual encounter is varied, but it usually comes to pass.


As fortunetellers go, the Hermit isn't too bad. Most events he predicts do come to pass. However, the cost to avert the prophecy is quite high. The more surreal catastrophes don't happen, and the smaller 'dooms' you can usually handle without issue. The best choice depends on your mood, and what you have to sacrifice.

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