This is a continuation from Homage to Chalana Arroy I:  The Offer.

Devotess of Chalana Arroy have come to claim payment for their services.  Healers have to eat, after all.

Homage to Chalana Arroy II: Favor Repaid
Chalana arroy priestesses


Chain Event

Previous The Offer

Event Dialogue: Favor Repaid

Chalana Arroy priestesses from various clans approach you and ask for a gift. "We healed your people a while ago, and you promised that you would help us one day.  That day is now.  We wish to do a great healing ceremony in honor of our goddess, and ask you to donate either <#> cows worth of goods for sacrifice, or a share of your clan magic."

1.  Bargain their demand down.
2.  Give them the goods they want.
3.  Let them share your clan magic.
4.  Offer them another kind of sacrifice worth <#> cows.
5.  Refuse them.

King of Dragon Pass


  • The amount they ask for is a good portion of your goods. However, you may be able to bargain the number down. Success is far from guaranteed, though.
  • Payment is always good, and it does help your reputation as someone who will pay their debt when asked upon.
  • If you have a surplus of clan magic, this may be an easier expense to absorb the number of goods.
  • The priestesses usually have no problem accept cattle in sacrifice, though there are occasions when they don't want the taking of life in their ritual.
  • Refusing them is not a good idea. Your general reputation will take a hit, you will still owe the devotees a favor, and others may be less likely to give you favors in the future.

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