Horse Bribery


Random Event

Requires Tribe

Orlanthi have an interesting idea of jurisprudence.  While a tribal moot is nominally convened with justice in mind, don't be surprised to be offered bribes, another clans warriors.

Event Dialogue:  Horse Offer

<X>, the head of a prosperous family from the <Y> clan brings you a gift of five fine horses.  She then says that she is engaged in a dispute with members of the <Z> clan over accusations of sabotage.  She assures you that her clan is in the right, and hopes you will support them at the upcoming moot, which will hear the case brought by the <Z>.

1.  Accept the gift; let the <Z> know she has made it.
2.  Agree to give her cause due consideration.
3.  Agree to support her cause.
4.  Give a reciprocal gift.
5.  Refuse the gift.

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you wish to try and maximize the number of gifts, accept <X>'s gift, and then let the other clan <Z> know about it.  They very well may try to bribe you in return.  Be aware that the <Y> won't be pleased that someone they thought they had in their pocket could be bought otherwise. 
  • By agreeing to give due consideration of <X>'s cause, you at least don't firmly place yourself in <X>'s camp...assuming <X> believes you, of course. 
  • Supporting <X>'s cause improves relations with her [[clan] least assuming you keep your word about backing her.
  • To accept a gift is a sign of generosity, but it also indebts one to the gift-giver.  If you want the horses, but not to be known as someone who can be bought, give are reciprocal gift.
  • You can refuse the gift, which angers the <Y>, but your reputation among the other clans goes up for its impartiality.

Tribal law

Event Dialogue:  The Moot

A moot was convened, and the case between the <Y> and <Z> clans comes up for judgment.  Who do you support?

1.  <X>, who gave you horses.
2.  Her rivals in the <Z> clan.

King of Dragon Pass


Essentially, whoever you side with, <Y> or <Z>, will improve relations, while the other clan's relation will worsen.  One thing to bear in mind, if you had accepted the <X>'s bribe, the decrease will be greater.

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