Horse Skull For Sale


Random Event

Notable Rewards Horse Skull

In a land as diverse as Dragon Pass, it is a given that any item, no matter how improbably, will be put up for sale...

Event Dialogue

<X>, one of your clan's senior weaponthanes, collapses in the middle of the clan market when <Y>, a trader from the <Z>, withdraws the skull of a horse from her pack of goods.  <Y> has no idea why he would react this way, but then <X>'s wife reveals that he has always lived in fear of a prophecy given to him by a shaman.  The shaman told him that he would die the day that he was shown the skull of a horse.  <X> has not regained consciousness, and seems to be in the grip of some terrible fever.
  1. Ask <Y> why she treats a horse skull like a valuable item
  2. Conduct a healing ritual for <X>
  3. Do nothing
  4. Send for some shamans to cure <Y>
  5. Trade for the skull

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you ask the trader why she keeps the horse skull, you find out she feels a deep magic in it.
  • You may decide to heal the weaponthane, <X>, though this may not be the best choice...
  • To procure the skull, the merchant will want a treasure for it.  This is a situation which is a good idea to stock up on Spirit Fetches. If you do get the skull, you will lose one weaponthane.


It is hinted that possessing the Horse Skull has some magical effect on the Horse-spawn, though whether it is in diplomacy or combat is unknown.


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