While the Orlanthi hold cattle in the highest regard,horses are almost as valuable if for no other reason than the fact that without horses you can't support your weaponthanes and nobles in battle.



As you progress in the game, you may find yourself wishing to increase your herd of horses.  There are several ways to get them including:

  • Trade.  Probably the fastest, but not cheapest route.  You can send out a caravan and exchange goods, food, or cows for horses.  However, horses are at a premium, costing at least 4 cattle for one 1 horse, and most clans are reluctant to part with their horses.
  • Performing herd rituals during Sacred Time.  This will increase the fertility of your horses, creating more foals.  If you have a devotee of Uralda on the clan ring, you can spend more magic on herds during Sacred Time.
  • Raiding.  Truth be known, you are much more likely to get cattle or sheep if you go raiding other Orlanthi clans, but there is an outside possibility you can pick up horses.  However, if you successfully raid the Grazelands, then you can return with some horses in tow.
  • Repelling Raids.  You stand a better chance of capturing horses if you repel raids successfully, especially if it is the Horse-Spawn doing the raiding.  Your chances may be increased if you choose the option:  Take Captives, but this also means you are at a greater risk of defeat.
  • Have enough pasture.  Horses will slowly replenish their numbers on their own, but only as long as there is enough pasture for the livestock.
  • Experience certain events. Some events can improve the vitality of your herds, such as the Cult of Elmal.  However, it is random whether you experience this.
  • Horsefriend Blessing.  Either sacrifice once a year for the Elmal blessing, Horsefriend, or build a shrine permanently dedicated to it.  This will prolong the horses' lifespan, effectively allowing more to breed.
  • Undergo a heroquest.  More specifically, Elmal Guards the Stead.  and choose the 'Gain Horses' option.

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