Humakti Warriors
Humakti warriors


Random Event

Humakti Warriors are worshippers of Humakt, the god of Death.

The Cult

The Humakti are known for their strict code of honor. They are dedicated to fighting the undead, who are abominations in the eyes of their god.

There is no bargaining with a Humakti, and they always prefer bluntness and truth over flattery or soothing words.

Event:  Duty to Humakt


Great warriors of the death god Humakt assemble in your clan hall to petition you for help. "<Clan name> explorers found a nest of walking corpses while exploring to the east. It is our duty to Humakt to wipe out these begins, which are anathema to him. It is your duty as good people of Dragon Pass to help us, for all of us benefit when the undead are slain."
  1. Give them hospitality.
  2. Let them share in your clan magic.
  3. Refuse them.
  4. Sacrifice to Humakt on their behalf.
  5. Send warriors.

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you help the warriors, in whatever manner you can, they will appreciate it, though they definitely prefer extra warriors.  However, stinting will draw their disrespect.
  • Outright refusing them, or just giving them hospitality increases the chance the undead will strike your clan.  If things get to bad, it is possible for the Humakti to even attack members of the clan.

Event:  Undead on the Loose


Great warriors of the death god Humakt assemble in your clan hall to make you an offer.  "The lands around here are rife with the undead.  It is our duty to Humakt to wipe out these beings, which are anathema to him.  Give us permission to range about your tula, slaughtering the unliving wherever they lurk." 

1.  Give permission; gift them if they succeed
2.  Give permission; give them gifts
3.  Give them permission and sacrifice to Humakt
4.  Give them permission
5.  Refuse them

King of Dragon Pass


If you get this event, then the presence of the undead is rising.  If you give them permission, they will clear your tula of any undead they find, though be a little irritated by the lack of support.  If you give them gifts, or sacrifice to Humakt, then the cult will definitely have a warmer impression of you.  And if you refuse them?  Well, you get a point where the Humakti may lash out at your clan.

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