Humakti Warriors: Warpath


Random Event

Previous Humakti Warriors: Death's Warning

Grim and final as their patron lord, the Humakti have passed judgment on your clan and found you wanting.  Will you give Death Lord his due, or will cause him to fear even you?

Event Dialogue

Your explorers are attacked by Humakti warriors who mean to avenge what they see as insults against their cult and their god.  Their attack is swift and efficient; they leave but one explorer alive.  They spare <exploring leader> for one reason only -- to tell the tale to the rest of the clan.

1.  Do nothing.
2.  Sacrifice to Humakt, to show you have not meant to offend him.
3.  Send a delegation to gift the Humakti.
4.  Send a war party to attack the Humakti.

King of Dragon Pass


  • By doing nothing, the Humakti figure you will have learned your lesson, and the next time they come around, you will treat them better.  If you don't?  They can attack further exploring parties.
  • An accepted sacrifice to Humakt will regain the favor of the cult.  A failure will leave them feeling some ill-will toward you.
  • A proper gift will improve relations with the Humakti as well, though one of insufficient means will leave them feeling chilly towards you.
  • For those of ambition, you may wish to gain vengeance.  If you send a war party, be aware that the Humakti are strong warriors, so you may very well be bloodied by them.

Note:  You get this encounter either by ignoring the presence of the undead (such as during the various Humakti Warriors events, or even belittling the Humakti.

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