A hunter is a farmer assigned to patrolling the woodlands, skilled in the bow, adding wild game to the larder, and using their woodcraft to detect/hunt down enemy foes that may invade your tula.

For more information, also read the Hunting page for suggestions, and other information.


If you wish to assign, or remove hunters, go to the Clan icon Clan Screen, and look for the Hunter button. From there, you can increase or decrease that number.

  • Each hunter usually provides two units of food per year (one unit will feed one person per year). Not the most efficient food gatherers, but they have other benefits.
  • Hunters fight as part of your fyrd, increasing the chance of success if you use the Skirmish option in combat.
  • Hunters improve the odds of your exploration missions.
  • Hunters can spot enemy raiders and warn you before the conflict starts.
  • Hunters provide some goods from the furs, horns, and other items they get from the animals they hunt.

You will also notice the number of hunters increasing without your input. This reflects the fact hunters teach their children to follow in their footsteps rather than take up the plow. However, you should lower this number if there are more hunters than your woods can properly bear.

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