Given the emphasis herding and farming have, hunting is a secondary concern.  However, you should check up on it periodically for several reasons.

First, hunting can provide food for your larder.  You can see the contribution it brings in by looking on the left side of the Farming icon Farming Screen, right below the Harvest entry.  Now, this number will not be large, but every little bit helps.

Your may wonder why you shouldn't convert all your wildlands into farmland and pastures.  There are several reasons not to:

  • Pigs run in wildlands, and they provide more meat than the other herds animals. Destroy the forests, and you reduce the pig herds. 
  • Hunters provide several other secondary benefits, and if the wildlands are gone, you obviously won't have any hunters.

Improving the Hunt

As the game progresses, you may wish to improve the results of your hunt.  There are several ways to go about this:

  • During the Sacred Time rituals, you will notice there is one of the entries called Hunting.  Investing in this allows hunters to bring more food home, as well as helping you track/locate elusive enemies and hard to find places.  If you have a follower of Odayla on the clan ring, you get one more box to the Hunting entry.
  • Odayla's Blessing:  Sureshot helps your hunters bring more game home, as well as improving their skirmish ability in Combat.  You can either sacrifice for this to last once a year, or make it permanent if you build a temple/shrine to Odayla.
  • Odayla's Blessing:  Tracking helps your hunters locate what they are searching for. 
  • Vinga's Blessing:  Pathfinder will help your hunters get home safely, especially if you sent them exploring.
  • There are a few treasures you can possess which can be a big help.  The First Arrow and Hunting Alynx are of direct help, while the Band of One Hundred helps indirectly.
  • There are two events that periodically come up and supporting them gives you dividends for hunting.  (Look at Odaylan Hunters: Game Ritual and Odaylan Hunters: Heroquest Aid for more details).
  • If you play around with the Cheats for time, you can try to get a positive omen for the year.  (Look at the List of Omens, and the 'It will be a good year for hunting' entry).

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