I'd Like My Daughter Back


Chain Event

Previous Young Woman Seeks Asylum
Next Hand of Vengeance

When the daughter of a clan thane runs away, and you take her in, he is bound to pay a visit.

Event Dialogue

<X>, a thane of the <Y clan>, comes to make a legal claim against us.  He demands the return of <X>, a young woman from his clan you have given refuge to.
  1. "She is one of ours now.  You have no claim on her."
  2. "We will arm-wrestle to see which clan she belongs to."
  3. "We shall keep her, but will negotiate compensation."
  4. "Your case is strong.  You may take her back with you."

King of Dragon Pass

Note:  If you are in a tribe, this event will change, going to a tribal moot where the thane tries to get his daughter back.  You can either recompense him, or let the tribal moot decide where she belongs.


  • Either you return the daughter, or you don't.  However, if you offer compensation, <X> will recognize her as a member of your clan. 
  • Arm-wrestling may be cheaper, but you may well lose, and would be honor bound to return the young woman.
  • If you claim her, but make no attempt to compensate the thane, then your reputation with the clan will definitely lower.
  • Finally, if you send her away, the daughter will be furious.  Your own clan won't be too pleased about it, either, since even if she is new, one doesn't just give away clan members when it is expedient.


If the daughter goes back with her father, she may later return in Babeester Gor: Hand of Vengeance

Quest Chain

Young Woman
Seeks Asylum
Two Missing
Daughters Now
I'd Like My
Daughter Back
Clan Reunion
Hand of Vengeance

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