Ice Demon Storm (Blizzard)


Random Event

Disasters are something one hopes to never experience, but it is much worse when others bring it about.  The bad thing?  This one may be caused by your very own clan.

This event tends to happen during Dark season, but also is more likely to happen (in any season) if you picked Ves Venna, Son of Valind, Warlord of the Ice Tribe during clan creation.

Event Dialogue

A terrible storm from the far north descends on your land.  The cattle are frost-bitten.  This is no ordinary storm, but an assault by the forces of cold and darkness.  Some of the carls think they saw ice demons hiding in the driving snow.
  1. Gather Wind Lords from many clans to fight the ice demons
  2. Propitiate Valind, enemy god of Cold
  3. Send a war party out to fight the ice demons
  4. Wait out the storm

King of Dragon Pass


  • If nothing is done, you will suffer a large loss to your cattle herd.
  • Propitiating Valind may avert his attention, but other clans may notice you giving worship to a dark power. If your ancestral enemy is Ves Venna, Valind's son, you will lose magic with this choice. You may also soon face some Angry Priests.
  • Your war party may contest with the ice demons, but you run the risk of serious losses among your people, and cattle may still die. (If your ancestral enemy is Ves Venna, you will gain 4 magic if you are victorious)
  • If you are on good terms with enough clans, then gathering a host of Wind Lords may be the best choice.


  • This event may happen randomly, but if you learned the Summons of Evil blessing from your Ancestors, you can cause the blizzard to happen.
  • This event will trigger more often if your ancestral enemy is Ves Venna, the son of Valind.

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