Insolent Thralls


Random Event

Requires Keeping thralls

Though possessing thralls can be profitable, they bring about their own set of problems...

Event Dialogue

Your carls complain that your thralls have become rude and insolent, and do not know their place.  The carls are angry, and demand that something be done.
  1. Beat all of the thralls.
  2. Beat the most troublesome of the thralls.
  3. Convince the carls that their concerns are unwarranted.
  4. Raise a few of the most obedient thralls to cottar status.
  5. Threaten the thralls with beatings if their wickedness continues.
  6. Free the thralls.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Beating the thralls (all or some) is effective if you can intimidate them.  Failure will just make the thralls angrier, and you may face a revolt later on.
  • If things are going well with the clan, then trouble with thralls is not a concern, though it will take someone to persuade the carls of this.
  • By offering a stick, making a few thralls  into cottars can forestall further thrall problems if successful.  Failure will have more thralls wanting better treatment.  Many carls may not like this course of action as well.
  • Sometimes the threat of the stick is enough, but it takes a tough person to convince the thralls to have it soak in.  Failure will just have more thrall problems rise up.
  • The ultimate answer, freeing the thralls will take care of the thrall headaches, though the carls be rather displeased at the loss of their cheap labor.

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