Iron Spike I: Safe-Keeping


Chain Event

Next Troll Warning

A richly dressed group from your clan's former homeland arrives at your tula.  They have traveled far, but for what purpose?

Event Dialogue

A delegation from a clan far to the south, in the Holy Country, comes to seek your friendship.  Their clan is called the Lead Breaker clan.  "We have a magical treasure that we wish to give to you for safe-keeping.  It is called the Iron Spike.  In exchange for this service, we give you a tapestry and a silver necklace. Whe we come to reclaim the Spike, we will give you more silver and an even more valuable tapestry."

1.  Agree to keep the spike for them.
2.  Ask if they serve the Pharaoh.
3.  Give them hospitality.
4.  Give them reciprocal gifts.
5.  Send them on their way.

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you agree to safeguard the spike, you will receive the goods offered.  Be aware the Iron Spike will have more troll attacks hit your clan.
  • The delegates will answer honestly; all who live in the Holy Country do serve the Pharaoh.
  • Giving hospitality increases your clan's general reputation, but you still have to decide whether to keep the spike or not.
  • Giving reciprocal gifts means you have no moral obligation to the delegates, but you must still decide whether to keep the spike or not.
  • If you send them on their way, this is the last you will see of this arc.


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