Iron Spike II: Troll Warning


Chain Event

Notable Rewards Lead Eyes
Previous Safe-Keeping
Next Reclaiming

Tasked to be the guardians of the treasure called the Iron Spike, you have another visitor, one which may put you at odds with your task.

Event Dialogue

A huge troll, who identifies herself as Umulguk, seeks permission to enter your tula as a guest.  She knows that you guard an item known as the Iron Spike, and wants to warn you that possession of this item marks you out as a great foe of the trolls.  If you give her the Spike, that will show you meant no harm to her people.

1.  Ask something in return for it.
2.  Attack her.
3.  Give her the Spike.
4.  Thank her for the warning.
5.  "We used to have it, but we don't any more."

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you ask for something in return, you will find the troll amenable to an exchange.  She will give you the Lead Eyes.  Your reputation with the trolls will increase as well.
  • You can try to attack her, but you will find her a very powerful warrior.  In my playthroughs, she was never defeated.
  • Giving her the Spike will also increase your reputation among the trolls, but you miss out on the Lead Eyes by picking Option 3.
  • Thanking the troll for the warning changes little, though you will still face increased troll raids,. and you retain possession of the Iron Spike.
  • Saying you don't have the Spike doesn't seem to work as so far the troll warrior is able to pierce your falsehoods. 

Whether you gave the troll the Iron Spike or not, this arc continues in Iron Spike III: Reclaiming.


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