Iron Spike III: Reclaiming


Chain Event

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Next Eastern Visitors

After much time passes, a delegation returns from the Holy Country to reclaim that which they left in your safe-keeping.  Did you stand by your charge, or do you have some explaining to do?

Event Dialogue

This version of dialogue came from giving away the Iron Spike

The delegation from the Holy Country returns to reclaim the Iron Spike.  These representatives of the far-off Lead Breakers clan bring the gifts they promised:  a tapestry even more valuable than the one they gave you before, and plenty more silver.

1.  Attack them and take the gifts.
2.  Threaten to attack them if they don't hand over the gifts.
3.  "We don't have it anymore."
4.  "We have the spike, but we're not going to give it to you."
5.  Offer them compensation for it.

King of Dragon Pass

Variation:   If you still posses the Spike, there is an extra choice in options.

2:  Return the Iron Spike

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you gave the Iron Spike away to the troll warrior, or just want to keep it for yourself, you can attack the delegation, and add to your pile of goods.
  • Threats tend to come of no avail, since it is the Iron Spike they want.  (Note, there is a bug in Option 2 if you gave away the Iron Spike which will be detailed further below.  However, this bug can make it seem like you have the Spike to return.
  • Honesty isn't the best policy for by admitting you no longer have the Iron Spike, you just have retribution invited upon you.
  • Whether you gave the Spike away, and lying about possessing it, or if you still have the item itself, the delegates warn you that you will certainly pay a heavy price for not returning it.
  • The delegates will not accept compensation; they want their treasure back.  They will assume you sold it, and are just seeking to cover your actions.

Variant:  In the event you still have the Iron Spike, the delegates will give you the agreed upon treasure, and leave if you return the treasure as agreed.

If you admitted you don't have the Iron Spike, refuse to return the Iron Spike (assuming you kept it), or killed the delegation for their goods, your next event will be Iron Spike IV: Eastern Visitors.


If you sold or gave away the Iron Spike, you can sidestep the consequences of your action.  First, pick Option 2.  You will then get this display:

"I warn you, the repercussions will be terrible if you mistreat us," he says. "The Pharaoh needs the Spike back, and you do not wish to experience his displeasure."

1.  Attack them.
2.  "Actually, we don't have the Spike anymore."
3.  Return the Spike.

King of Dragon Pass

Pick Option 3, and the game acts like you did, in fact, returned the Spike.  On top of that, the delegates give you the goods, even with your threats.

Note: this bug was fixed in the iOS version.

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