Iron Spike IV: Eastern Visitors
Southern Sorcerers


Chain Event

Previous Reclaiming

Note:  If you kept the Iron Spike, or otherwise sold/gave it away, this is the continuation from Iron Spike III: Reclaiming.

The culmination of a series of events, you should always be on your guard when strangers come a-visiting...

Event Dialogue

Strangers show up and request hospitality.  "We are from the distant East," they say.  "We are explorers and we wish to learn about the peoples of this region so that we can report back to the scholars from our home country.  If you would be willing to speak to us, we could give you something in return.

1.  Attack them.
2.  Give them hospitality, then ask for cows.
3.  Give them hospitality, then ask them for stories of Orlanth and Ernalda.
4.  Give them hospitality, then offer them gifts.
5.  Refuse them.

King of Dragon Pass


This is one event which you won't escape unscathed.  However, if you listen to your clan ring, some of the more paranoid of your nobles will have some good advice.

  • Attacking them may be the best option.  Though surprised, the strangers will still win.  Your clan will still get hurt, but you should only suffer some minor losses to population and weaponthanes as they say your fate is the destiny of all who oppose the Pharaoh.
  • Options 2, 3, and 4 opens up your clan to the strangers, and this is a bad idea as their betrayal causes even greater losses than would have happened if you simply attacked them.  At the end, they will state you just served as an object lesson for those who displeased the Pharaoh
  • Refusing them just opens you up to reprisal as well, and you may suffer losses akin to those in Options 3-4.

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