Issaries the Concilliator is a heroquest, where the quester enters the godplane to assume the role of Issaries, the Talking God in order to reconcille two clans against all odds.


  • In order to be able to attempt this heroquest, you will have to learn the secrets of the myth first.

You can read the full myth in game, from your lore screen, or in the book Storm Tribe.


If you successfully complete this heroquest, you can ask one of the following:

  • Make the quester stronger, (Improves Bargaining, Leadership and Magic skills)
  • Improve your relations with a clan, cult or outsiders,
  • Improve your trade routes,
  • End a feud,
  • Learn about Dragon Pass (areas of your map will be revealed) or another myth.

Additionally, the successful completion of this heroquest will reduce the threat of banditry for about 3 years.

Additional Note:  You can acquire two treasures here, so it may be prudent to carry two Spirit Fetches to exchange for them.

The Quester

There is no restrictions to your choice of quester for this quest.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that Issaries worshippers will have a better chance at succeeding.

You will also be given the choice to send other worshippers to take on the role of Urox, and Lhankor Mhy. Worshippers of these two deities would be preferable. Sending extra worshippers requires more magic, and the three will be in danger should something go wrong. If you don't choose to send two other devotees along, you will have to convince the gods themselves to come along with you.


To convince the gods to come along, if you didn't appoint two other worshippers:

  • Tell Lhankor Mhy you will kelp him find the Truth if he comes with you.
  • Tell Urox there is chaos to fight, and he will come along.

The heroquest:

  • "People have forgotten how to make maps of the secret places."
  • Let Storm Bull fight alone.
  • Go to the Long-Noses, no matter who follows. (You will loose nothing from asking the Digging Stick people for a treasure, they may give it to you, or they may not.)
  • Go see the Big-Teeth immediately.
  • Ask the Knowing God for help.
  • "The Long-Noses must accept that some of them will be eaten.", then "The Big-Teeth must only attack weak and sick Long-Noses."
  • If you don't want your quester to get hurt, give him a treasure (he won't accept the treasure you gained from the Digging Stick people), or else choose any of the options, and your quester will be hurt. (The helpers you may have brought to fill in for Urox and Lhankor Mhy will not get hurt by this, though.)


On the first screen, you will have the possibility to choose the benefit you are aiming for (the text will very depending on how many worshippers, if any you have etc):

This myth begins during the Great Darkness, when trade, travel, and talking have fallen apart. Issaries puts these back together by travelling to a strange place, and bringing concilliation to a pair of warring tribes. What benefit does <Quester> seek from this quest?

  1. End a feud with another clan.
  2. Improve relations with a cult.
  3. Improve relations with another clan.
  4. Improve relations with outsiders.
  5. Improve the clan's trade relations.
  6. Learn about Dragon Pass.
  7. Learn the secrets of a myth.
  8. Make the quester stronger.

King of Dragon Pass

After this, you will have a choice as to whether to bring more people from the clan to take on the roles of Lhankor Mhy and Urox. If you do not, you will need to convince them to come with you.

Convincing Lhankor Mhy:

<Quester> arrives in a dark and blasted place. The winds are strong and cold, which is good, but this place is unfamiliar to <Quester>, and that makes him nervous; as the Traveling One, he should know every place where Orlanthi are found. There are Orlanthi here, though; one of them has the unmistakable demeanor of Lhankor Mhy, the Know-It-All god. <Quester> must decide how to convince Lhankor Mhy to come with him on his quest.

  1. Go on without Lhankor Mhy.
  2. "In exchange for your help, I will help you find The Truth, which is also missing."
  3. "It is a very confusing time and things are very mixed up."
  4. Leave the realm of the gods.
  5. "Without travelling, talking, and trade, we cannot remake the world."
  6. "You will learn new things if you come with me."

King of Dragon Pass

Convincing Urox:

Then <Quester> sees a fearsome warrior who must be Storm Bull.

  1. Go on without Storm Bull.
  2. "I have lost the truth, and must help Lhankor Mhy find it again."
  3. "If you do not come, the trade routes will be confused forever."
  4. Leave the realm of the gods.
  5. "This way! There is chaos to fight!"
  6. "You should not come with us, because Orlanth says you are needed here, to fight chaos."

King of Dragon Pass

Pinpointing the problem:

<Quester> searches for a very long time to find the worst part of the problem. What does he decide must be the worst part?

  1. "It is all the fault of the chaos enemies."
  2. Give up trying to find an answer and leave the gods' realm.
  3. "People are enemies, and no longer talk with one another."
  4. "People are not trading fairly."
  5. "People have forgotten how to make maps of the secret places."
  6. "Someone let hatred and mistrust into the world, and they must be tamed."

King of Dragon Pass

When Chaos gets in the way:

On their way to their destination, the three are attacked by a number of chaos beasts. Finally, while traveling through a ruined city, the group is attacked by a gigantic chaos thing, one whose name can only be pronounced by the dead.

  1. Help Storm Bull fight the chaos thing directly.
  2. Lend magic to Storm Bull.
  3. Let Storm Bull fight alone.

King of Dragon Pass

Meeting the Digging Stick people:

<Quester> leads his companions to the tula of the Digging Stick People, who are suffering terribly. The Digging Stick Peole explain that their tulas are the battleground for a war between the Long-Noses and the Big-Teeth. Whenever they fight, Digging Stick pastures are trampled. The Digging Sticks' cows are stolen and eaten by hungry soldiers. Their carls are captured and ransomed, so that the armies can buy weapons. Their weaponthanes are pressed into service, risking their lives for no reward. Neither Lhankor Mhy or Storm Bull are interested in helping <Quester> make peace between the warring peoples.

  1. Ask the Digging Stick People to give you a treasure.
  2. Give a treasure to the Digging Stick People.
  3. Go to the Long-Noses, no matter who follows.
  4. Go to the Long-Noses, so long as both gods follow.
  5. Go to the Long-Noses, so long as Lhankor Mhy follows.
  6. Go to the Long-Noses, so long as Storm Bull follows.

King of Dragon Pass

Note:  You can receive the Board of Nails here.  You may convince the Digging Stick people to give it as a gift, otherwise they will take another treasure in trade for it.

Meeting the Long-Noses:

<Quester> meets with Oriska, priestess of the Long-Noses, who says, "We have no cause to make peace with the Big-Teeth. They have always attacked and killed us. Our best and finest are murdered. They take our leaders, our priests, our healers, and our weaponthanes." Oriska lowers her voice and, through her enormous nose, whispers a shameful secret: "Then, the Big-Teeth eat them. They devour our flesh and prevent our bones from being interred in my holy, secret place. We can never make peace with them so long as they eat us. Now that the thing called Death has come into the world, it is impossible."

  1. Go immediately to talk to the Big-Teeth.
  2. "I will make them promise to give the chewed bones back, so the Long-Nose spirits will fly free."
  3. "If I cannot make a peace here, the whole world will be in big trouble."
  4. Leave the realm of the gods.
  5. "You must understand that your war hurts the Digging Stick People."

King of Dragon Pass

Meeting the Big-Teeth:

<Quester> meets with Paratur, war leader of the Big-Teeth. Paratur says, "It has long been decreed that we should eat the Long-Noses, for they are large and juicy and flavorful. They can eat the grasses of the plains and the leaves of the forest, but we cannot. We won't starve just to please others. We could eat you two-legs instead -- devour the villagers whose tulas you are so concerned about. But I do not think you would consider that a just solution. We cannot do as you ask, for how does one make peace with one's dinner?"

  1. Ask the Knowing God for help.
  2. "If I cannot make peace here, the whole world will be in big trouble."
  3. "If you always make war on the Long-Noses, one day you will eat them all."
  4. Leave the realm of the gods.
  5. "You must understand that your war hurts the Digging Stick People."

King of Dragon Pass

At the meeting between the two clans:

Now that the two leaders agree to talk peace, what does <Quester> propose?

  1. "The Big-Teeth must only attack weak and sick Long-Noses."
  2. "The Long-Noses must accept that some of them will be eaten."
  3. "The Big-Teeth must trade back the bones of the dead Long-Noses."
  4. "The Long-Noses must trade with the Big-Teeth."
  5. Leave the realm of the gods.

King of Dragon Pass

After the meeting:

Oriska departed. Storm Bull took his leave of <Quester>. Then Paratur turned to <Quester> and purred, "Now, I never did promise not to eat you, did I?"

  1. Offer to trade treasures.
  2. "But I brought you peace!"
  3. "I'll bring Storm Bull to kick you again!"
  4. "I'll call Oriska, and she will trample you!"
  5. Leave the realm of the gods.

King of Dragon Pass

Note:  You can gain a treasure from Paratur, but he requires an item equal in value.  He will not accept a Board of Nails (You can receive this item from the Digging Stick people earlier in this heroquest). Trying to give him his own treasure (gotten from a previous heroquest) will only make him mad, and hurt your quester.

Successful Resolution:
The people celebrate successful enactment of the Issaries the Conciliator myth.

King of Dragon Pass


  • The successful resolution text will vary depending on the reason you went on the heroquest.
  • If you didn't exchange treasures with Paratur, the quester will end the heroquest wounded.


Depending on the success of your choices, you may earn two treasures here:

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