Joining Tribe Request


Random Event

Requires Tribe

It seems there is always someone late to the party.  Given how well your tribe is faring, you now have another clan asking to join in.  Often, more is merrier, but make sure they pay for their fair share; otherwise the original members may grow angry at the newcomers.

Event Dialogue

<X>, a <Y clan> noble, appears before you with others of his clan.  Speaking for the <Y> clan ring, <X> asks your support in their bid to join your tribe.  He bears gifts for you.  "Our clan has admired your tribe for some time, since we see that your clans are doing well.  We would like to join your tribe and share in your good fortune.  <X> continues, "For our part, we will bring the tribe our renowned skills in crafts, good traders to make your storehouses groan, and farming skills to fatten tribal herds and fields."
  1. Decline their request.
  2. "It is traditional to offer a treasure to a possible sponsor."
  3. Require them to give 5 cows per year to each clan in the tribe.
  4. Require them to give magical support to the tribal ceremonies each year.
  5. Offer to speak for them at the moot.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Declining the request will worsen relations with the <Y> clan.
  • If you are persuasive enough, you should be able to get a treasure for being <Y>'s sponsor.  Failure will have the <Y> chide you for your greed.  The treasure they give you will generally be one of the one's you can purchase.  If all the purchaseable treasures are gone, then you will get a Spirit Fetch by default.
  • Something to bear in mind is that all the original clans agreed to various terms when the tribe was formed.  They would take a dim view if the <Y>'s joined without any cost.  As such, having them give 5 cows per year to each clan  or give magical support at tribal ceremonies.
  • Once you've decided to include options 3, 4, or 5, then you can offer to speak at the mootAnother option becomes available where you can suggest the <Y> to give a gift to each clan in the tribe.  Ranging from 1-50, the higher the amount, the greater the chance of acceptance.  Finally, you decide who to speak (such as lawspeaker, war leader, etc.)  A persuasive speaker  induction a lot easier.  If accepted, relations with <Y> will improve.  If not accepted, but the <Y> felt you did your best, then relations may still improve.  If the <Y> felt you just sabotaged things, then expect them to make their displeasure known.

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