Kallyr I: Adoption


Chain Event

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Sometimes, a child is born to outlaws.  Does your clan to take them in, or must the babe pay for their parents' sins?

Event Dialogue

An old woman who introduces herself as Leika brings a baby to you.  She has been raising the child alone in the woods, so you can assume she has been outlawed from her clan for some reason.  "I raised this girl in a shield, so that she will grow up to be a mighty warrior.  It is time she had a clan, so I bring her to you.  Her name is Kallyr."
  1. Adopt both the woman and the girl.
  2. Ask the woman why she is an outlaw.
  3. Recommend that she take the girl to another clan.
  4. Take the girl in.
  5. Turn them away.

King of Dragon Pass


The choices are pretty straightforward with some slight variation of it.  However, you probably should adopt the child; she will grow up to be a renowned hero.  If you turn them away, or recommend her to go to another clan, then they will have a hero.  Adopting the woman is a sign of generosity, and your clan may respond to it positively.  After all, some outlaws do mend their ways...


  • This is the first of an arc which may culminate in Kallyr obtaining the Band of One Hundred.
  • Even if you don't pursue the Band of One Hundred, Kallyr will have a high Combat rating, and is a natural for your warleader.
  • Like any other clan noble, Kallyr can die in battle, during exploration, or from certain random events before her story arc reaches its conclusion.

Kallyr's store continues in Kallyr II: Adulthood.